Updated Waterfall Locations in Genesee County New York 2-15-2016

Updated Waterfall Locations in Genesee County New York 2-15-2016
Buttermilk Falls (Leroy)
Oatka Creek  60 ft Plunge
We stopped at a home there and the access is now totally private no access available. The area is now owned by Dolomite, as of 4-13-2014


Indian Falls (Pembroke)
Tonawanda Creek  20 ft
Short walk

When we stopped in here, there must of been a bike convention or something, because the place was jam packed. We did not go over to the little patio, and we could see the gate was closed, so we took a couple of quick photos.

Be sure to plan your trip here and stop in for a bite to eat Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant

[wppa type=”photo” photo=”331″ size=”440″][/wppa]


Morganville Falls in Hamlet Of Morganville
Black Creek  27 ft

We were looking for Morganville Falls, but where they appear to be looked posted. The path or trail that looked to be the one, someone was starting to plant flower beds along it. There are more photos of the location on the main page. Shown here is a picture of what we found driving in this area of town.

[wppa type=”photo” photo=”335″ size=”440″][/wppa]

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