Frederick W Parker Jr Bridge, tributary to Fish Creek, Oneida County Ny 2014

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Feb. 10th 2021

By Bobbieswaterfalls


Have you ever come to a point where change is necessary? Your feeling stuck or stagnant, and unable to move forward? Sometimes making decisions or making choices is the hardest thing to do. There comes a time in life when those decisions need to happen and it is pretty frightening. I have been through many years of change, stressful situations, confused and hurt. Sometime I felt like that little stretch arm rubber toy thing, being pushed and pulled and stomped on many times over. I have hit a very big wall, and currently it has changed me. I am not as strong as I use to be. I am not multitasking as much as I was so proud of being able to do. I am slower motivating in the mornings. I do still need a focus to keep me moving forward.

Always remember, Mother Nature has created Seasons, and with Seasons comes change. Changes come in many ways. Change can be within yourself. Change can be your family. Change can be your goals. And so on, on, and on. There is a reason for change, and sometime we do not know the why, because it happens when we least expect it. Embrace the change as hard as it may be to do so.

Todays Clicks, are random locations or past blogs that populated using the word in bold. I find it interesting what a word can pull or find information to.

The next few weeks Clickety Clicks, I have some random ideas ready to put into motion. Stay tuned, Stay Safe, and make good choices!


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