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You could easily pass The Falls at Burden Pond without even knowing they exist…

The falls at Burden Pond is one of those hidden gems that continue to surprise, even after finding the first set of waterfalls on the creek. There are several very small drops in the creek between the three larger waterfalls on the Wynants Kill (creek) above the pond. All are accessible via trails located near the creek.

The safest way to start your hike to the falls is to park at the Burden Pond Environmental Park, which is located on Delaware Ave, a short distance east of the pond outlet as viewed from Route 4. From the parking area, there are several trailheads that lead down into the pond basin. All that is needed is to continue following the trails in a North West direction until eventually reaching the creek. From there all that is needed is to follow the creek.

There may be debris in the creek left from past storms, but this will not impede views of the falls. Along the trail, you will also catch old abandoned vehicles that have been in place long enough for trees and brush to have found homes in and on them! Take care to stay on the trails though, since this is all similar to wetlands which can trap a person in the mud if not careful.
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