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Chittenango Falls State Park – Cazenovia


Chittenango Falls State Park is one of our favorites to visit while in the area!

Chittenango Falls is a massive 167′ high, two-tiered beauty located a short drive from NYS I-90. Easily one of the best waterfalls in the area to visit, this state park also boasts several other seasonal waterfalls and miles of trail systems to explore.

Ample parking is located near the top of the falls. There is a fee for parking, but most people bypass paying it since there are automated parking meters that are not mandated for use at this time. You can access the top of the falls by walking from the parking area across a small grassy area to a chain link fence close to the crest of the waterfall.

From the crest, there is a trail that can be accessed by following the fence downstream. This path is of medium difficulty, so good hiking shoes should be worn. Close to the bottom of the trail is a deck where you can view one of the season waterfalls and then continue further down to a bridge spanning the creek about 75 yards from the base of the main waterfall. This trail continues back up and around for a loop that takes you back to the parking area.

For more information on New York State waterfall locations, please visit out New York waterfalls map.

  • Chittenango falls state park

Closest Geolocated Address: 5210 Gorge Rd, Cazenovia, NY 13035, USA
Location Lat/Long: 42.978706

Chittenango Falls State Park – Cazenovia

5210 Gorge Rd, Cazenovia, NY 13035, USA

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