Falls on Fitting Creek

Falls on Fitting Creek, or more creepily named Widows Creek Falls…

Falls on Fitting Creek, also known as Widows Creek Falls, is a medium sized roadside waterfall that can be visited any time of year. The properties on both sides of the waterfall are posted, but if you are able to gain permission there is a second tier to the waterfall that can only be viewed behind the houses to the left and right of the stream. The house is a seasonally used home, so do not cross the property while the owners are not around.

From the road, though, this waterfall is very beautiful and well worth the drive by. If you look to the opposite side of the bridge, downstream from this waterfall, you may also catch a glimpse of another small cascade at the confluence of Claverack Creek. This cascade is too small to have a name, but can also be picturesque, depending on the depth of the water at the time of your visit.

Do be careful while visiting, since you will have to park roadside to view the location.

It is suggested, while in this area you should visit the historic town of Valatie (vah-lay-shÉ™). There are several waterfalls within the town limits, along with many historic buildings.

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