Unnamed Stream, Falls on Route 30 - Roxbury

Roadside, is the place to be for this small but beautiful waterfall.

Parking: 42.33994, -74.54472
Waterway: Unnamed Stream
Height of Falls/Type: over 15′
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside

From the bridge, you can see a  small section of this fall while a portion of this waterfall continues down and under the road. You can easily make your way to the streambed near the bridge in order to catch a view of the section under the bridge, but be sure to watch your footing on the loose gravel.

The unnamed stream in which this waterfall is located flows into the East Branch Delaware River less than 100 yards from the crest of the waterfall. On the East Side of the Delaware River is the Penn Central Railroad/Delaware and Ulster Railroad. There is a trail that runs along this section. This area shows potential for more waterfalls with Iris Mountain to the east.

Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 30 and Hwy 23 in Grand Gorge, Get on Hwy 30 and drive southwest 3.2 miles.

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