Graves Cemetary Falls, Oneida County, New York
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Graves Cemetery Falls is historic and beautiful!

Parking: N43.43331 W75.74922
Landmark: Graves Cemetery Sign
Stream/River/Watershed: Little River
Height of Falls/Type: >8′
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Short

Comments/Notes: Park by the roadside where a sign for Graves Cemetary is present. Graves Cemetary is a historic cemetery that has been used since the early 1800’s but is now only a historical burial site that is up kept by the local municipalities.

From the parking area, walk over the stone arch bridge and take the small path located on the left that leads down to the falls. This is a short walk and should be easily accessible for most. From the trail, you should be able to gain some pretty views of the waterfall, but you can also access the creek bed if you want some other nice vantage points.

This area is very nice and would be recommended for a short picnic or hike with friends or family!

Directions: From I-90 W, in Westmoreland, Take exit 32 to the right towards Rt-233/Westmoreland/Rome and drive for .7 miles. Turn right onto Cider St and drive for .1 miles. Turn right onto Hwy 233 and drive for 5.7 miles. Take the Rt-49 W/Rt-69 W/Rt-365 W ramp to the left and drive for .4 miles. Take the Rt-49 W/Rt-69 W ramp to the right towards Rt-26 N/Rt-46/Downtown Rome and drive for 1.3 miles. Keep left onto Erie Blvd E and drive for 11.2 miles. Turn right onto Taberg Rd and drive for .3 miles. Turn left onto Hwy 285 and drive for 10.8 miles. Turn left onto River Rd and drive for .1 miles.

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