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Our team has spent decades trying to answer this question.

What we found during our journey was unbelievable. Honestly, it was!

There are several notable NYS waterfall experts that have been around well before Dig The Falls was formed. I wont list them all here, but if you check out our sources page (and the sources on each of our waterfall location pages) you will see all of them listed. Thank you for all you have done for the niche!

Dig The Falls Team, waterfall trail cleanup

In the past several years our survey has grown through the hard work and dedication of John Haywood, Bobbie Yagger Sweeting (listed alphabetically) and the Dig The Falls team. The survey literally doubled in size! With the energy and persistence of the team, along with the waterfall rules/guidelines set in place by Scott Ensminger (

If you include non-seasonal waterfalls of 5′ and higher (except in certain historical instances), and include several of the inundated or flooded waterfalls throughout the state, there are over 3,250 waterfalls in the survey. There are regions, such as the southern tier, that have not been properly surveyed yet. These regions represent a great opportunity to add hundreds of locations due to the geology of the landscape. We are guessing we will reach well over 4,000 waterfalls before the survey is complete!

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Happy Waterfalling!!

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