Not just A map, but THE map!!

The New York State Waterfall List v2.0 has officially been released, but it comes with a strong warning. This IS the most comprehensive list to date (including the hidden “Private” locations), but it still has its flaws.

NOTE: This map has been moved!

Here is where you can help!

There are over 1,650 POI’s shown on this map (almost 2,300 total POI’s, including the posted locations)!

If you click on any of the points of the map, you will see an information box. That information box is full of information gathered by many people. At the bottom is a “Sources” area. If you can contribute to these locations or add a previously unknown location, your name can be included as a “Source”!

Contact Us!!

A HUGE thanks to Bobbie from www.BobbiesWaterfalls.net for the hundreds of hours of list cleanup! John Haywood and Stanley Rusin also need a big hand for the extreme hikes these guys undertook to clarify many areas!! The Team is undertaking more in the background, so keep your eyes peeled.

EDIT: In our haste and joy of being able to release this information, we almost forgot the single person who had inspired this list and has made insurmountable contributions, even from as far back as 2006! Russell Dunn has personally hiked many of these locations, writing about them in his guidebooks, and has continued in his search for new locations. These new locations will be published to this list as well, but they will first be released in his latest installment of waterfall guides due to hit the shelves THIS YEAR!

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    1. Steve – Falzguy.com is very protective of the “Posted” locations, as we are, so those are not shown on this map.
      I have been meaning to get in touch with you, so we can chat about this further.
      But, yes, there is always need for further exploration! 🙂

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