Over 19 mile of river that includes dozens of medium to large waterfalls!

Letchworth State Park, or “The Grand Canyon of the East”, is home to 24+ waterfalls, miles of hiking trails and year-round accessibility for many other outdoor activities. Middle Falls, one of the parks main attractions, is the park’s most accessible waterfall and can be visited almost any time of the year. The waterfall stands over 100′ high and over 150′ wide and has several vantage points from both sides of the gorge (the photo was taken from the East side of the gorge).

The most accessible vantage point for this waterfall is from the west side of the gorge, near the Glen Iris Inn. During the winter the park closes off the Portageville entrance and all roads inside of the park to the Castile entrance. Middle Falls is between these entrances. The falls are still accessible during this time but would require a long hike in the snow to view them.

While visiting the park, you will also come across Upper Falls below a train trestle that spans the gorge, which can be accessed from the same parking area as Middle Falls. Lower Falls is a short distance down the river and accessible from another parking area that can be found by following park signs. Lower Falls is a much more arduous hike and may not be wheelchair accessible.

Letchworth State Park allows pets on leash, swimming in specific areas and camping areas for those who want to spend more than one day exploring all the park has to offer.

For more information on New York State waterfall locations, please visit out New York waterfall map.


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