Lorillard Snuff Mill, the oldest existing tobacco manufacturing building


The Lorillard Snuff Mill now known as the Lillian and Amy Goldman Stone Mill, is the oldest existing tobacco manufacturing building in the United States. It was built around 1840 next to the Bronx River to supplement an earlier building of the same function. The schist that makes up its walls was quarried locally. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1977 and is located inside the New York Botanical Garden, itself an NHL “Quoted”



The land was purchased by the New York City government in 1884 and was transferred to the New York Botanical Garden in 1915. The Mill was retained by New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and used for storage and shops until 1937 when it too was transferred to the Botanical Garden along with several other small parcels. The Mill was renovated in 1952-54 and a cafe and patio were installed on the lower side facing the Bronx River, and a meeting room was fashioned from the space that once held snuff-grinding equipment. The building had a $10.5 million restoration in 2010 and is now used for staff offices and a catering facility. “Quoted”

Something else I was able to put together with some of our locations: “Quoted

The main watercourse in Bronx Park is the Bronx River, which flows southward from Westchester County to the East River, running for 2 miles through the park. The section of river within the park is for the most part a natural watercourse. The river hosts a diverse ecosystem with a hardwood swamp and floodplain forest composed of red maple trees. A number of tributaries run into the river from both the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo. The river, once a heavily polluted waterway, was cleaned up in the late 20th century due to an effort led by the Bronx River Alliance. The Mitsubishi Riverwalk, a free public trail along the Bronx River that opened in 2004, runs along the eastern bank of the river within the Bronx Zoo’s Boston Road parking lot.

There are three waterfalls in Bronx Park. The first is a cascade near the Lorillard Snuff Mill.

To the south is a waterfall of pink granite, about 12 feet high, located slightly upstream of the Boston Road entrance to the zoo. At this location, there is a small island that splits the waterfall into two cascades.

A third waterfall is the 182nd Street Dam near River Park. It was formerly used by the DeLancey family, which operated a farm in what is now the Wild Asia section of the Bronx Zoo, but now consists of a Fordham gneiss dam with a fish ladder. As such, the 182nd Street Dam was known as Delancey’s Falls, and also as Lydig’s Falls after another local family.

On Dig the Falls we have listed the following:

Bronx Park, Bronx River Falls aka Twin Dams, Right side Falls (This one maybe the same they are referring to #2)
River Park, River Park Waterfall, Falls and Dam, 13′ (This one maybe referring to #3)
New York Botanical Garden, Rock Garden Cascade
New York Botanical Garden, Snuff Mill Waterfall aka Lillian and Amy Goldman Stone Mill Falls and Dam (This matches for #1)

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