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Dig The Falls Announces Paul Smith’s Scholarship

Over the course of the past couple years, Dig The Falls has evolved from being just a source for New York waterfall locations to embracing the message of stewardship and taking a more involved role on environmental conservation.

Paul Smith's College
Paul Smith’s College. Photo:

While we have added over 3,000 locations to our map, we have also added a number of partnerships, like teaming with The Upstate Experience,  and have sponsored a number of events and programs such as I Love My Park Day, the Ausable River Association porta john program, The Narrows, and the New York State Invasive Species Comprehensive Management Plan, to name just a few.

As we enter 2019, the mission of Dig The Falls will continue to evolve as we maintain our growth in environmental conservation. One of ways we felt we could have a tremendous, lasting impact was by offering a scholarship to students who seek careers related to environmental studies. Offering degrees in Forestry, Environmental Science, Fisheries and Wildlife, Natural Resources Conservation and Management, and many more, Paul Smith’s College, rich in history and academic tradition, was our choice.

Founded in 1946, Paul Smith’s College sits on 14,000 acres and hosts approximately 900 students. It is the only four-year college within the boundaries of the Adirondacks and offers a wide range of courses with 18 bachelors and 7 Associates degree programs. A number of graduates from Paul Smith’s College go on to become New York State Forest Rangers, and scientists working to preserve our natural resources.

Please visit for more information on the college.

While in its infancy and the exact details are being worked out, the scholarship will be awarded to students pursuing a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Management, Environmental Science, or Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences. We will make an announcement once everything is in order and we are prepared to accept inquiries.

Anyone wishing to donate to Dig The Falls for the purpose of this scholarship, or would like to contact us regarding it, can do so by clicking here, or donate directly to the fund by using the PayPal button below, and by doing so you will be an early investor in the future environmental advocates of the future!100% of all funds received will be used exclusively for the scholarship.

We are excited and looking forward to this next great endeavor!

As always, thank you for your continued support in all that we do!


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