Moshier Lower Falls (1 Waterfall 12 ft, and 4 Other Falls)

Moshier Lower Falls, on the Beaver River (1 Waterfall 12 ft, and 4 Other Falls)
Moshier Falls Section, Beaver River Whitewater Route
Lewis County, Town of Watson,Adirondack Park
Date Visited: 6/28/2016
Stream or River: Beaver River flows into the Black River











Parking Areas:
Moshier Trailhead parking N43.87017 W75.13762 1501 ft
Moshier Road put in Parking only during whitewater events N43.88503 W75.10730 1653 ft
Points of Reference:
Moshier Reservoir N43.88703 W75.10820 1640 ft
Moshier Dam N43.88752 W75.10920 1635 ft
Falls N43.88358 W75.12785 1499 ft
Falls N43.88234 W75.13003 1494 ft
Falls (possible 10-12 ft falls mentioned in description on AW) N43.88038 W75.13161 1494 ft
Moshier Powerhouse/dam N43.87201 W75.13587 1449 ft
Trail marker N43.87194 W75.13778 1456 ft

Map at trailhead N43.87033 W75.13765 1492 ft

Photo Locations:
Bushwack in from trail N43.87436 W75.13593 1498 ft
Falls #1 N43.87417 W75.13596 1485 ft
Falls #2 N43.87379 W75.13604 1494 ft
Falls #3 N43.87348 W75.13620 1497 ft
Looking down at power plant N43.87327 W75.13633 1479 ft
Bottom drop before power plant N43.87305 W75.13646 1454 ft
Post marker N43.87397 W75.13698 1514 ft
Foot bridge N43.87229 W75.13767 1445 ft
Power Plant N43.87203 W75.13716 1444 ft

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Moshier Lower Falls #1 N43.87417 W75.13596 1485 ft
Moshier Lower Falls #2 N43.87379 W75.13604 1494 ft
Moshier Lower Falls #3 N43.87348 W75.13620 1497 ft
Moshier Lower Falls #4 N43.87305 W75.13646 1454 ft
Moshier Lower Falls #5
I have recorded the tracks for the Moshier Falls section and trail which can be viewed and downloaded, click on the following link.

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