Moshier Lower Falls, Webb Twn, Herkimer County

Adventure Part 2 of the Moshier Falls Section

Parking and Trailhead: N43.87017 W75.13762
Stream/River/Watershed: Beaver River
Height of Falls/Type: Slide, Cascade, Class 5.1 Rapids
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: .2 mile Roundtrip

From the parking area, which also used for the Moshier Upper Falls when gate is closed, cross the road and the trail starts right there. Follow the path down and cross over. You will come to what appears as a 4-way intersection, you want to go right. Follow this further and cross over a bridge. From this bridge you can look to your right for a nice view of the power plant. Continue up the trail, which goes into an area of overgrown weeds. That is if you hike this during summer months. You will notice the trail bears left and if paying attention, you need to stop, and look to your right for a post with no signs or arrows. You will see a herd path going off in that direction. This takes you back to the river. Once at the river you will see all kinds of paths up and down the river. This is very commonly used by the whitewater community. Please be careful as the rocks are slippery. There are 5 main waterfalls here starting from the bottom near the power plant and walking upstream. Moshier Lower Falls #1 N43.87302 W75.13618 , Moshier Lower Falls #2 N43.87326 W75.13612, Moshier Lower Falls #3 N43.87349 W75.13606, Moshier Lower Falls #4 N43.87374 W75.13600, Moshier Lower Falls #5 N43.87441 W75.13584 12′ falls. HINT: The most exciting part, is walking the stream up. Nothing better than getting close and personal!

For more detailed information on this location please visit Bobbieswaterfalls

Directions: From County Rte 28 and Big Moose Rd, in Eagle Bay, Get on Big Moose Rd and drive north for 5.8 miles. Turn left onto Big Moose Rd and drive for 11.7 miles. Turn left onto Number Four Rd and drive for 5.7 miles. Turn right onto Moshier Rd and drive for .6 miles.

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