We semi-silently released some new features. Here’s what you need to know!

The Dig The Falls New York State Waterfall Map has forever changed and it will only continue to get better. We have uploaded over 100 location so far, which accounts for 5% of the total locations we will eventually be uploading to the Dig The Falls public database.

We plan to update everyone with more great news as it comes, but here is what you need to know:

Tapping on one of the map markers shows you a specific information about each waterfall…

If you visit the Knowledgebase you will see a new map interface that will pick up on your current location. dig-the-falls-new-york-state-waterfall-map-exampleIn certain instances, you will have to allow Dig The Falls to access your location. This is purely for your convenience only.

Tapping on one of the map markers shows you a specific information about each waterfall, along with other navigation options.

This is where we get really excited! Each page has a different set of waterfalls associated that allow you to create a unique trip list of the closest waterfall locations to the waterfall you are currently viewing. I will touch on this a bit later.

dig-the-falls-new-york-state-waterfall-map-exampleChoosing to Search By Location shows you a map and alternative methods of choosing which areas you would like to visit!

With our new search interface, you can search by address, town, city, zip code or just press the green pin and allow the map to search your current location. (This may require you to approve Dig The Falls to see your current location)

A fully customizable experience awaits. All of these options are available on your mobile devices as well!

Here is an example of a local search. dig-the-falls-new-york-state-waterfall-map-exampleWhile you are constrained only by the number of locations we have posted so far, in the future there will be several hundred locations that will fill the map.

The driving directions are geolocation based driving sets, supplied by Google Maps. Although most of the directions are pretty accurate, we have found that some remote locations do not have ‘technical’ addresses, so Google searches for the closest known address. In each scenario, we will be doing our best to add further GPS data for parking areas and trail heads. Be sure to check the final destinations over carefully!

dig-the-falls-new-york-state-waterfall-map-exampleOur New York waterfall location pages will appear as they always did, but the maps are located below the text. At the top, we added the “DTF to PDF” in order to help our readers with planning and visualization tools.

Printing will only involve the text portion of each post as the maps and photos are copyrighted.

In the future, we may open the ability to print these items, but for now, we wanted to keep the PDF information as concise as possible.

The ‘Get Directions’ is an added bonus.

dig-the-falls-new-york-state-waterfall-map-example-5At the lower portion of each waterfall location page, you will see a map that includes the GPS coordinates of the location, the closest match address and a map of where you are in relation to the waterfall.

The ‘Get Directions’ is an added bonus. I want to mention again to plan accordingly since it is Google Maps that dictates the driving direction and not Dig The Falls.

While this map is great, we feel the next map is going to be a big hit! It aids in planning visits to multiple waterfalls in a single trip.

Offering up the five closest locations, dig-the-falls-new-york-state-waterfall-map-exampleyou could virtually hop from page to page to page, without ever performing one search!

While we put a lot of thought and effort into performing these website upgrades, there will undoubtedly be some shortfalls. We hope that you can provide some much needed constructive criticism while we are in the mode of updating and upgrading.

We have received some very generous donations that have helped with many of these updates, along with literally hundreds of hours of volunteered time from the Dig The Falls Team.

We could not have done it without either!
Thank you all!!

Please feel free to send us a message or leave comments at the bottom of the blog. We really hope you enjoy the new layout and look forward to adding the hundreds/thousands of waterfall locations we have been working on.

If you like where we are headed and appreciate our content, please feel free to lend your support. Even a single $ goes a long way 🙂

Help fund the Paul Smith’s College Scholarship and help a student realize their dream…

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