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Help us collect information on the waterfalls you visit!

By downloading ArcGIS Suvey123 on the Apple App Store or Google Play you may help us by verifying known locations OR actually helping to find new locations we may not have been aware of.

We value your input:

  • If you find a location that we were not aware of, you will be added as the location “Originator”.
  • If you verify the location and have additional information, you will be listed as a second or third source!
  • If we have a lot of information, but you visit in person and add a photo, we will list you as a verifying source!

Either way, we want to be sure to credit you for your contribution to the survey.

To contribute Visit this link


Scan the QR code to open the survey on your device:
(if you have Survey123 already installed – otherwise see the links at the beginning of this article)

Here is how easy it is for you to help:

There are only a few questions, but you get to make it as detailed as you want with a free text box at the bottom of the survey!

Please contact us if you have any issues accessing the survey options. We want to here from you 😉

For more information on New York State waterfall locations, please visit out New York waterfall map.

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