Nevele Falls, Ellenville, Ulster County, New York

Wikipedia says Nevele is eleven spelled backward, but I am skeptical…

Aka: Buttermilk Falls, Reservoir Falls, Ellenville Falls

According to Wikipedia, eleven school teachers ventured out and located a waterfall on the property of the Nevele (NEV-uh-lee) Grand Hotel, where these waterfalls are located. It has been said that this particular waterfall is the same one in that story.

Parking: 41.70811, -74.38487
Stream/River/Watershed: Unnamed Stream
Height of Falls/Type: 50 ft
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside

This was a very interesting location. There is an old wall, perhaps maybe a building at some point on the left, as seen in the photo of the location. Although there is a well-worn path to the left of the stream, facing the falls, we suggest gaining permission prior to accessing the property. Use caution when climbing the trail to the top.

Access from the road is unobstructed and no posted signs were visible during our last visit to the area. This could change depending on the care visitors take during their time spent at this location. We would suggest, adding this as a great stop off to one of the bigger state parks of the area, due to its accessible location.

Directions: From I-87 S in New Paltz, Take exit 18 to the right onto Rt-299 towards New Paltz/Poughkeepsie and drive for .8 miles. Take the Rt-299 W ramp to the left towards New Paltz for 260 ft. Turn left onto Main Street and drive for 2.5 miles. Keep right onto New Paltz-Minnewaska Road and drive for 4.8 miles. Turn right onto US 44 and drive for 10.4 miles. Turn left onto US 209 and drive for 6.1 miles. Turn left onto Canal Street and drive for 1 miles. Turn right onto Chapel Street for 26 ft.

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  1. Actually, this is not quite correct. The geo information and the photo roughly match North Gully or Ellenville Falls (which are on the eastern side of CR 52, not on the western side). There are indeed other falls in the South Gully, inside the former Nevele resort. Nevele Falls (which are not pictured) are at 41.695415, -74.394645. They can be accessed only through the former Nevele resort.

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