Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017

The Dig The Falls Cleanup Event was rained out… Wait! No, it wasn’t!

We had some hard-core volunteers join us on this event and we couldn’t have been more proud to host such a great cleanup effort.

“The lack of signage and other park amenities shows that this park could really use some appreciation!”

Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017
Dig The Falls founder Edward Smathers with some of the youngest volunteers ever!
Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017
Excited and energetic to help clean up.
Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017
We even had some Team Members drive all the way from Oneonta (NY) to help out! Thanks, Stash and Jessica!!

The Poestenkill Gorge Park is home to one of the citie’s largest and, possibly, least known natural wonders; Mt. Ida Falls (aka Poestenkill Falls and High Falls). Sitting in a historic area of the city, this location has been long forgotten, except for locals and the ongoing soon-to-be-rescued RPI students unfamiliar with enjoying our beautiful natural areas responsibly (obviously an over-generalization, but you get the point). The lack of signage and other park amenities shows that this park could really use some appreciation!

Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017
Stash, a Dig The Falls Team Member, captured a quick shot of the lower portion of Mt Ida Falls.

With the weather on the sketchy side, we didn’t expect too many volunteers to show up, especially with kids in tow, but we got a really great turnout. We were also blessed with some current and former members of the New York State police, along with some long time followers of Dig The falls. Thank you!!

Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017
First-time volunteer Renee brought her two boys who had been asking for a cleanup opportunity for weeks!

Stats for this particular event

8 Adults and 3 Children
The youngest volunteer was 2 years old 🙂

Total Cleanup Time:
About an hour and a half

Total refuse collected:
Close to 100 pounds!
This was mostly glass, but also included cans, leashes, random trash and what was assumed to be a miniature meth lab…

Best find of the day:
Found by Catherine – What appeared to be an old “parachute”

Costs (rough numbers):
Food and drink – $85
Cleanup supplies – $150
Donations: $26 – This does not take into account the value of everyone’s time, which is priceless!

Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017
A quick grab of our dwindling group as the floods arrived. Thank you all for all the hard work and effort!!

“Thank you to all who participated in the survey!”

After the event, we sent out a survey asking what everyone thoughts. Overall everyone felt the event was very successful. There was some feedback that our directions and communication needed additional effort, so we will be putting together more details and materials for the next event! Thank you to all who participated in the survey!

Overall we were very fortunate to get to meet some new faces and get the support we generated for the cleanup effort. It was a humbling experience for me to see so many people showing passion toward something I feel strongly about.

Please share this blog with anyone you can. The more people we can bring to the next event, the better 🙂
Also, feel free to offer up a dollar if you liked our story and want to contribute to the next cleanup effort.

$1 donation using PayPal
$5 donation using PayPal
Custom donation using Paypal

For other ways to help feel free to contact us directly!

For more information on New York State waterfall locations, please visit out New York waterfalls map.

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