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Tag : Adirondacks

Hanging Spear Falls

Hanging Spear Falls – Newcomb

Hanging Spear Falls – Newcomb Hanging Spear Falls is a 75-foot-high waterfall on the Opalescent River, named for its resemblance to the shaft of a falling spear. To get there: GPS: 44°06.116’N 73°59.448’W – From Tahawus Club (junction of Routes 25/Tahawus Road & 84/Blue Ridge Road), drive north on Route 25/Tahawus Road for ~10.0 miles and park at the end of the road in the Upper Works parking area. Follow the yellow/red-blazed trail north. At 0.4 mile, bear right at […]

Allen Falls

Allen Falls – Parishville

Allen Falls – Parishville Allen Falls is a 35-foot-high waterfall on the St. Regis River that is named for an early landowner, William Allen. To get there: GPS: 44°39.345’N 74°50.974’W – From north of Parishville (junction of Routes 56/Allen Falls Road & 47/Parishville-Norfolk Road), drive west on Route 56/Allen Falls Road for 0.5 mile and park in an area on your left just before crossing the bridge that spans the West Branch of the St. Regis River. Walk across the […]

Jamesville Falls

Jamestown Falls – Sevey Corners

Jamestown Falls – Sevey Corners Jamestown Falls is a broad, 10-foot high, elongated cascade. A small lodge can be seen on the opposite bank of the fall. To get there: GPS: 44°19.481’N 74°42.936’W – From Sevey Corners (junction of Routes 56 & 3), drive north on Route 56 for 2.6 miles. Turn right onto an unmarked dirt road and proceed east for <0.3 mile to park. Walk back up the road for 50 feet and turn left onto a well-worn […]

Bray House Falls aka Potholers

Bray House Falls – Stratford

Bray House Falls aka Potholers – Stratford Bray House Falls, also known as Potholers, is a 15-foot-high, elongated cascade that derives its name from the number of bathtub-sized potholes it contains. To get there: GPS: 43°16.516’N 74°39.743’W – From Stratford (junction of Piseco Road and Route 29A), drive north on Piseco Road/Powley-Piseco Road for ~8.1 miles. Park to your right after crossing over the bridge spanning Brayhouse Brook. Walk east along the north bank of Brayhouse Brook for 100 feet […]

Rainbow Falls Grasse River

Rainbow Falls – Degrasse

Rainbow Falls – Degrasse Rainbow Falls, at 25 feet high, is the largest of the spectacular waterfalls along Tooley Pond Road. To get there: GPS: 44°18.396’N 74°59.938’W – From Degrasse (junction of Routes 27/Clare Road & 11/Degrasse-Russell Road), drive northeast on Route 27/Clare Road for 0.5 mile and turn right onto Tooley Pond Road. Drive east for ~6.0 miles. Park to your right, next to several large boulders. Follow the trail west for <0.3 mile, crossing over a footbridge spanning […]

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