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Stag Brook waterfall

Photographing Waterfalls – Capture Falls Like the Pros

Photographing Waterfalls by John Haywood This is meant to serve as a basic how-to for anyone who would like to photograph waterfalls like the pros. Everyone loves waterfalls! People love the scenery, the sound, and the feeling they give as the water crashes about the rocky landscape, whipping up a misty breeze. And with so many waterfalls across New York State, it’s impossible not to find a favorite waterfalls to photograph. Here, I offer pointers on how to capture your […]

Split Rock Falls

Shooting the Falls – Split Rock Falls

Shooting the Falls – Split Rock Falls By John Haywood Split Rock Falls in Underwood, an area inside the Town of Elizabethtown, NY, is without a doubt one of the most popular swimming holes in the Adirondacks. Due to its accessibility, hundreds flock there each year to cool off, hang out, or grab a photograph of this unique place. Here, not only do the falls alone give you a nice image, the entire area makes for a great photograph. It’s […]