Updated Waterfall Locations in Lincoln Town, Madison County New York 3-4-2016

Updated Waterfall Locations in Lincoln Town, Madison County New York 3-4-2016
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The photo above can be seen from the roadside. You can either park at the pull off for the overlook just before reaching the park. Other option is to park in the parking area for the park and walk back down the road to where the guardrails start.


Oxbow Falls County Park

Helderburg Escarpment

Clockville Creek 100 ft Ribbon

Short to the top of falls

There are 3 waterfalls in the park. From the parking area follow the trail to top of falls. There is a trail on both sides of the falls. I like taking the trail on the right side of the falls, all the way down. There are smaller falls along that section. As well as it takes you around to the bottom of the Main falls, and bottom of the second falls. If you take the trail on the left side from the top, it takes you around the other side for a long distant view of the two falls. 

Madison County Parks

Town of Lincoln

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Buttermilk Falls (Lincoln)

Private Property Best seen in the fall.

Limestone Creek  30 ft  Cascade Roadside

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Perryville Falls

Canaserga Creek 150 ft Cascade Private

I spoke with a landowner, and the property is owned by a relative. When I stopped to get permission, after being directed to do so, no one was home….My luck…Plans to return in the future.

Clockville Creek Falls-Crandall Road falls on (prior named)

Unnamed Stream Cascade Roadside Private

The owner was working in his yard and granted us permission to take photos of the falls. I have been to this location many times over looking for Clockville Creek Falls. A friend of mine took me to the location you see here in the photos. The location is on private property. We obtained permission to photograph the falls.

The resource I had had for years showed there was the Clockville Creek Falls, in this same location. I was not looking for the falls right in someones side yard. I was looking on Clockville Road at the intersection of Clockville Road and Crandall Road. The falls are actually located on Crandall Road just about two houses up from the intersection on Crandall Road.

I am like 99 percent sure I have the correct location of Clockville Creek Falls.

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Canastota Falls and Dam

North Country Trail/link Trail

Canastota Creek Dam and Falls

From nelson road to Canastota Falls is .6 mile round trip. The total approximate distance from the parking on Oxbow Road and following the trail to Nelson Road it is 1.7 miles one way.

This was very easy to find. The trail looks well maintained. I have included a picture of the area where you would have to turn off main trail (see page). Just listen for the falls. This section of the trail has the two seasonal waterfalls. More looks like run offs from somewhere further up. 

Madison County Trails

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