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Visit Adirondacks, Visit The Catskills and Dig The Falls

Mt Jo

You may not have noticed, but Dig The Falls is Getting around!

In short, Dig The Falls is attempting to add value to as many organizations as possible, even if those organizations are as far-reaching as (Adirondack Regional Tourism Council) or (Catskill Association for Tourism Services).

We have written a few short articles for these websites and hope to offer more content in the future. This is in an attempt to help spread the word about these wonderful areas of the state! These two websites do an amazing job at networking while providing top-notch content and free media for travellers from inside and outside of these areas.

Articles we have submitted:
Articles located on
Articles located on

We would be remiss if we did not mention that they have Facebook pages and Instagram page, along with other social media platforms. We would suggest searching for them and following them since they have a lot of up to date information of the regions they cover and also offer some great insights if contacted directly.

These are two of our favorite regional websites and we are truly blessed to be able to contribute to their content! Please give them a follow.

For more information on New York State waterfalls, please visit our New York waterfall map.

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