Waterfall postcards Set #1

Courtesy of Steve Young Collections

Chautauqua County

Arkwright Cascade
Arkwright Falls










There are several falls along the Slippery Rock Creek. Which actual one this is or where it is located is unknown.

Slippery Rock Falls


Monroe County

Little Seneca River-Casconchiagon
Great and Lower Cataract Geneseo, another village gem in Genesee Country, dates back to the Treaty of Big Tree in 1797. The village’s Iroquois name translates as “pleasant or beautiful valley.” On a 1768 map the Genesee River is labeled “Casconchiagon” or Little Seneca River. However, it may also have been derived from “Ge-nish-a-au” (a clear and shining place), which the early white settlers translated into “Genesee.”
Inscription content: Lettered with title and “Perpendicular height of the Fall 75 feet”. With “Morris sculpsit / Drawn on the spot by Thos Davies Capt. Lieut. of the Royal Regt. of Artillery”

Based upon resources, I personally believe these maybe the Lower and or Middle falls of the Genesee in Rochester.








Warren County

Twin Falls “Glen Cascades”
Lake George

The only resource that is a possibility is the Glen Cascades in Warren County.













Delaware County

Martin Brook Falls









Greene County

Potuck Falls
Place: Potuck Reservoir State: New York Latitude: 42.3327200 Longitude: -73.9193700









Shimmering Falls









Essex County

Silver Cascade, Elizabethtown, Adirondack Mountains New York Silver Cascade Elizabeth 1911 Postcard 21-2787









St. Lawrence County

Sliding Falls (at Nunn’s) Cranberry Lake













Schuyler County

“The Basin” Montour Falls
Possible same location as Little Basin Falls which is located on private property










Cayuga County

Ensenore Glen Upper Falls, located on private property



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