Barkaboom Stream falls on, Delaware County, Ny 8-10-2014

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Dec. 2nd 2020

By Bobbieswaterfalls

This week’s Clickety Clicks is all about Sounds and Action words. I think I am going to try using the words into silly tongue twister sentences. Instead of my having many clickable links, if you type the word in bold into Dig the Falls search box, it will give you the locations of waterfalls with the name. Ex. hopping would give you hopper.

Have you ever had a duel or do you bash and then fly away on your broomstick?

Have you ever heard a cook state that a watched kettle never boils? Or have you ever put a kettle on just to forget it and it burns or boils dry?

Are you a baker, a shaker, or a whip-it gooder?

Do you prefer a bubbling tub, skinny dipping, or plunging into a cold stream then look to huddle for warmth?

What tone of voice have you done, did or heard? Are you a whisperer, or an echoer? Or are you frightened by your singing as it echoes back? Do you stammer or murmur?

Is the noisy baby, galloping, hopping, scuddering, wriggling, teetering or doing the rumble tumble?

Are you a slider, a honker, a snuffer, a barker or a licker? Or a washout?

I better call this a crafty, darn good fiddlestring on a shimmering viola good job!

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