Cascade Lake Falls

Over 2,000 New York State waterfalls and still adding!

This includes only New York State waterfalls that fall into the very specific Dig The Falls criteria in defining what a waterfall is!

I want to start by not apologizing, and here is what I mean; Our team has been working diligently with the sole purpose of creating “List v2.0” which will end up being THE most comprehensive waterfall list for New York state and the most comprehensive list for a given region, that we have knowledge of at this time.

Warning: This first post is a bit intense, but it comes from our hearts!!

Due to our primary focus on the latest version of the list, at this time the Waterfalls Knowledgebase does not yet reflect all the information we have to provide to the public (you). Please understand and be patient while we work behind the scenes in order to provide the most accurate and updated information available to the public (you).

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Yes, we do have several dozen waterfalls listed on the site, but this does not come close to the over 2,000 waterfalls we have on List v2.0! Ne-Sayers may be focused on the number of posts to our site, without even recognizing the thousands of hours contributed to the original list and the hundreds and hundreds of more hours to List v2.0… To them, I say patience. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Yes, there are other New York State Waterfall resources out there that you can find much of this information as well and we encourage you to seek out this information! Unlike some other resources, this IS NOT a competition as much as a passion that we want to share with everyone!

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

NO, this will not have a negative impact on waterfalls located within New York State! In the past, it has been pointed out that Dig The Falls may worry too much about private landowner rights or the fact that there are no laws obligating us from restricting the use of private waterfall locations on the Dig The Falls site. This could not be more incorrect and stating this only shows how far detached from the subject matter these individuals are. Private landowners deserve our support to help protect what is their rightful property, from being exploited on the internet and in any form of writing in general. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

Below is what the original list looks like. It is also found in the Knowledgebase.


*EDIT: This map is deprecated. Please visit HERE for full-page New York waterfall map.

Moving forward, the Dig The Falls Team plans to offer the newest version of the list once it has been finalized. We have added several dozen new locations and location coordinates for many others we did not have previously.

You may be asking, “Why don’t you have a ‘list’ of waterfalls that are on the map?”. The simple answer to that is, we have a map. It is interactive and very user-friendly. We will be adding a search function to the map eventually, along with a number of other features that have been requested or suggested by our fans and the Dig The Falls Team.

Why stand by our cause?

‘Why stand by our cause?’ will be up to you and what is really important to you personally. For now, all we can say is there are a lot of projects happening in the background and we want you to be part of them! We have a new store front that is for this very cause. Proposals have been written and trails are already being cleaned up by our team! We hope this inspires you to do the same.

Dig The Falls will be announcing the creation of a new organization set forth for this specific purpose in mind. Until then, please help us reach funding goals as we launch our fundraising initiatives. We admire each and every one of our followers for their commitment to the trail and the beauty of the waterfalls!

I will leave you with a new word and it’s definition, to use as you wish:


the action of traveling in or through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with its waterfall(s), especially for sport or recreation.

synonyms: ‘Dig The Falls’

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