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Dig The Falls Podcast – Episode 5

Dig The Falls Podcast – Introductions #4 Part II

What Did We Miss / How Can You Help?

Let me start by stating that Dig The Falls is a small, privately held, bootstrapped organization with no full time members. What we do, we do out of love for the outdoors and nature. Like many in our communities, online as well as off, we just want to get out and enjoy a hike/run/jog/bike/paddle/etc. We also want to share as much of our passion with you, as long as the net positive outweighs the net negative of sharing the information. […]


New York State Geologist, Biologist, Botanists, Rangers, Researchers

We want to collaborate with you! Dig The Falls has been approached by several organizations in the past about collaborating. Utilizing data from our waterfall survey in conjunction with other organization data to improve both data sets sounded appealing, but we weren’t 100% able to at that time. With more experience, and a growing Dig The Falls team, we have realized this will be the only way we will continue doing (more) good moving forward. We presently have information for […]

Dig The Falls Podcast – Introductions #4