House Creek Falls, Houseville Falls, Lewis County, New York

Located on Private property, House Creek Falls can only be seen from the bridge…

But is it is still a very good start to a waterfall excursion in the area!

House Creek Falls – Glenfield
AKA: Houseville Creek Falls

Location: Glenfield, Turin Town

Parking and Trailhead: 43.69270, -75.40605
Stream/River/Watershed: House Creek
Height of Falls/Type: 10-15 ft, Slide Cascade further downstream
Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Roadside

Try to visit these falls when you have time to visit some of the other local area waterfalls. There are some incredible locations within a quick drive, but these make a great teaser for the start of your adventure!

Comments/Notes: There is an old Road right where the falls are, and has a road closed sign and gate. In regards to height, it appears the total length of falls might be more than indicated. This I have based on the contour lines on a topo map, along with how the falls start from top come down and then curve towards the bottom.

Directions: At the intersection of Glenfield Rd and Hwy 12 in Glenfield, take Hwy 12 south for 1.2 miles. Turn right onto Lee Rd and drive .4 miles. then turn right again onto Lovers Lane road. Drive about .2 miles to where you see a road closed sign on your right.

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