Indian Kill Nature Preserve


The Indian Kill Nature Preserve is located very close to my home, which was why I chose it as the first official cleanup area of 2017. This effort was a small one, purposefully so, due to Charlotte Grace and Jessica Painter joining the efforts. Charlotte is only 20 months old and Jessica is pregnant with twins. The trails were icy due to the low temps, so we cleaned what we could while remaining warm and safe.

What surprised me was the shear amount of trash that I was able to accumulate without exerting any effort. Less than a 100-foot radius from where I parked produced half a bag (grocery size bag) of litter! I was quite pleased with the short hike and the amount of trash we were able to remove from the trails. After all was said and done, I believe we walked away with a couple pounds of refuse.


I would like to thank everyone for the support and wanted to give an update on funding as well. To date, $0 has been spent on cleanup efforts. Gas, garbage bags and manpower were provided by me and my family (this was a very small contribution of course). In the future we will require more supplies for larger cleanup efforts, but until then keep sharing our stories!

Happy Waterfalling from Dig The Falls and our Awesome Team!!

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