This has been an amazing year for those who love New York State Waterfalls, and Dig The Falls!

Dig The Falls has gone through some amazing changes; we have our Team and the waterfall community to thank for that! Our team will be growing to include a couple more waterfall lovers, which we will be announcing after the New Year.

We also wanted to announce to everyone that the Dig The Falls family is expecting other additions sometime mid-2017: Jessica Painter and Edward Smathers (me – DTF’s Founder) were informed that we have been blessed with twins!!

This year has bee a CRAZY one, but here is a recap:

The List

[count title=”Waterfall List” icon=”fa fa-thumbs-up” iconcolor=”” from=”1″ to=”200″ decimal_places=”0″] 200+ Duplicates Found[/count]

[count title=”Waterfall List” icon=”fa fa-thumbs-up” iconcolor=”” from=”1″ to=”300″ decimal_places=”0″] 300+ New Locations Added[/count]

[count title=”Waterfall List” icon=”fa fa-thumbs-up” iconcolor=”” from=”1″ to=”1200″ decimal_places=”0″] 1200+ Locations Updated[/count]



[count title=”Thank You!” icon=”fa fa-heart” iconcolor=”#dd3333″ from=”1″ to=”200″ decimal_places=”2″]Donations and Product Sales: An incredible amount of generosity from an incredible set of individuals![/count]


[count title=”Our TEAM!!” icon=”fa fa-users” iconcolor=”#1e73be” from=”1″ to=”4″ decimal_places=”0″]with 4 and growing – There is no “I” in TEAM and we certainly would not have been able to make all this happen without a TEAM![/count]

[count title=”Twins!!” icon=”fa fa-gift” iconcolor=”#81d742″ from=”1″ to=”2″ decimal_places=”2″]With much love to give and thousands of waterfalls to visit, it will be one long strange journey ahead![/count]

Most importantly, we remain privately funded which allows us to continue on with our cause, unimpeded by any outside interests that do not comply with our greatest interests: The safe and respectful enjoyment and preservation of our natural areas and waterfalls throughout New York State.

Thank you all who helped us in a successful year as we look forward to this next year with excitement and wide eyes to the future of the Dig The Falls mission!

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Site administrator and lover of all things waterfalls, outdoors and nature.

Principle photographer for Waterfalls of New York State and overall "nice guy".

Send me an email if you have any questions!!

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