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New Hope Mills
First Visit: 08-10-2008

Finger Lakes-Wine Country, Central New York
Niles Twn

Bear Swamp Creek
2-damned falls each 25ft
Now Private/Closed: The first dam is beside the road. The second one, drive down the road to the mill and parking lot.

New Hope Mills, Cayuga County, Ny 8-10-2008_00006.jpg
New Hope Mills, Cayuga County, Ny 8-10-2008_00006.jpg










New Hope Mills Pancake Mixes has been known to be the number one pancake flour in Central New York.
The Old Mill is located about 30 minutes from their Headquarters. Although they are hoping to restore the Old Mill in the future, it is currently closed to the public. New Hope Mills products can be found in Country/Amish style stores across America. Most Wegmans sell their product, for the Finger Lakes Region, products may be available in Tops and Walmart stores.

New Hope Mills, Cayuga County, Ny 8-10-2008_00008.jpg
New Hope Mills, Cayuga County, Ny 8-10-2008_00008.jpg










This Is A Historical Mill. “Quoted” New Hope Mills started in Moravia, NY as a flour mill servicing the local farming community in 1823. Nearly 200 years later the business is still alive. Doug Weed, the 3rd generation Owner and CEO fondly recalls days in his youth, mixing and packing flour at the location everyone in the New Hope Mills’ family calls, ‘The Old Mill.’ Working alongside his Father and Grandfather, Doug and his siblings and cousins learned the value of hard work and the tools and trade of milling, mixing, and packing what has become Central NY’s favorite pancake mix! In 2005, the mill and the saw mill upstream were both added to the New York State and National Register of Historical places.

Store Hours: 07:00AM – 4:00PM (315) 252-2676

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