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The Dig The Falls Waterfall Survey has been upgraded…

Skip ahead… The data was removed from the ArcGIS platform, for now.

And you are the first to know about it (if you happen to be up past midnight, that is)!

Dig The Falls is proud to release our first BETA version map that has so many significant changes it deserved its very own version number, plus a bump in dot releases. With the public-facing map sporting over 2,500 individual waterfall locations, we see it fair to say we have the most comprehensive state-wide Waterfall survey on the web. Many of the locations are making a debut for the first time ever!

This being said, there is still so much work to be done. We released this BETA version to illustrate just how much work we have been doing the last several months. There are some locations with approximate coordinates associated with them. This is because we have not personally verified the location, but have done enough research to know the waterfall does exist and also found the general location of where it should be.

There are also other locations that we may find have to be removed due to the location not meeting Dig The Falls criteria of what makes a waterfall able to be counted for the survey.

In visiting the New York Waterfall Map you are greeted with the familiar splash screen asking you to agree to be good waterfallers (not like we needed to ask you. We know you already rock at it!).

“We want you to be able to find the information as quickly as possible!”


On clicking agree you are able to see the publicly accessible locations right away. No hiding behind home screens, banner ads or long forum posts. We want you to be able to find the information as quickly as possible! This is what we have always been about and will continue to be in the future as well.


You still get the info box for the actual waterfall, which has been updated to the most current information we have. These datasets are currently being updated again to include even more accurate data, now that we have invested in data acquisition apps which allow us to collect direct to the survey itself. Soon there will be photos associated with each one of the locations on the map.

And wait for it…


One huge addition… Trailheads!


Second huge addition… Parking!

Along with expanding the location count by almost 1,000, we were also able to start adding in parking locations and trailheads for many of the waterfalls mentioned on the map. The further you zoom in, the more informational markers you will see!

All of this would not be possible without the amazing teamwork and countless hours volunteered by the Dig The Falls Team! Jacky and Julie (Show Me Your Falls), and Stash (Another Adventure Photography) gave up many weekends worth of time in order to seek out new locations and verify existing ones as well. Networking/spreading the word, and just being their awesome selves! (as you can see, I am excited to write this blog, with all the “!” I have been adding 🙂 )

John Haywood also took the time to do this and more. We were able to add dozens of locations in the Adirondacks along with him aiding Russell Dunn in the publishing of a couple more waterfall and hiking guides for the ADK Region.

Tenant Creek Falls

“Bobbie…added several hundred more locations to the ever-growing list…”

Bobbie of Bobbies Waterfalls played a very big role in this round of updates to the survey. Pulling from her personal survey, which she has worked with for the past couple decades, she was able to confirm many locations we already had, added several hundred more locations to the ever-growing list, and also added the trailhead and parking information while she was at it.

Did I mention we still have a ton more to do with the survey?

“THIS is why we are different and will never be like anyone but ourselves.”

It has been confirmed that there are other sites out there that offer up waterfall content. We are not them and they are not us. Not competitors BUT not cohorts either. Dig The Falls is a group of enthusiasts that have come together to offer up our knowledge of the state’s waterfalls. This is good, but this is not “doing good”. Doing good is what we physically do at these locations. THIS is why we are different and will never be like anyone but ourselves.

Recognize these photos? 🙂

Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017

Poestenkill Gorge Park Cleanup 2017

“We LOVE doing this!”

I’m sure you have seen all our posts over the past couple years!? We LOVE doing this! We need you to spread that information to everyone you can. We have the ability and desire to help clean up these beautiful areas; public and private alike! We just need people to reach out to us so we can find the most immediate needs.

I look forward to hearing back from all of you! Thank you so much for following us over the years and all of your kind words on Facebook and Instagram! It’s been wonderful sharing our stories with you.

Please leave your stories or thoughts below!!

Be sure to visit our blogs like “Ultimate Adirondack Waterfall Road-Trip” for ideas on planning your next waterfall adventure!

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