Oxbow Falls, Chittenango Falls, and Stockbridge Falls in Madison County New York 4-24-2015

Oxbow Falls, Chittenango Falls, and Stockbridge Falls are all located in Madison County New York 4-24-2015
This is set #2 of the waterfalls that I am asking my family, friends and viewers to vote for their favorite photo. Please do not vote on photos with people in them.

All three waterfalls are very popular. All are located in Madison County, New York

We have Chittenango Falls located at the Chittenango Falls State Park. Oxbow Falls located at Oxbow Falls state Park, and Stockbridge Falls (which has the Main Falls, Middle Falls and Lower Falls). Please note that all of the Stockbridge Falls is located on private property, roadside viewing only.

Chittenango Falls

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Oxbow Falls

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Oxbow falls at

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Stockbridge Main Falls

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Stockbridge Middle Falls

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Stockbridge Lower Falls

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