Peebles Island State Park – Buttermilk Falls – Cohoes


Buttermilk Falls is a highlight of the area, but not the only reason to visit!

AKA: Horseshoe Falls

Peebles Island State Park is a small state-owned preserve in Watervliet, NY at the convergence of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. There is one large crested waterfall located on the south-eastern corner of the preserve, which can be easily accessed from the outer rim trail. The waterfall is about 15′ high and has a crest measured at about 75′. This is not as impressive as Cohoes Falls, which is located less than a mile upriver, but still a very beautiful area to visit with the family.

Peebles Island offers many hiking trails, but bikes are not allowed. Pets, running, and hiking is allowed. Due to the abundance of deer and smaller wildlife, it is cautioned that you do not feed or approach any wild animals while visiting. Observing any of the animals on the preserve is is always a wonderful experience, though!

Although it is possible to enter the park by foot and incur no entrance fee, the park has an attendant during the summer that will collect $4 for a day pass, as of the date this article was published.

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Peebles Island Trail Map


Closest Geolocated Address: Perimeter Trail, Cohoes, NY 12047, USA
Location Lat/Long: 42.776424

Peebles Island State Park – Buttermilk Falls – Cohoes

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