Quarry Pool Falls

Quarry Pool Falls

Quarry Pool Falls is formed on the West Branch of the Ausable River on the outskirts of North Elba. This three-to-four-foot waterfall flows over a small breached dam and through a small gorge before the river levels out at Quarry Pool; a popular fishing hole. For Geology buffs, the area along the falls contains many potholes that were formed over the course of thousands of years. For whitewater enthusiasts, these falls offer Class II-Class III whitewater.

Getting There – From Lake Placid (junction of Routes 86 and 73), drive northeast on Rte 86 for 3.5 miles. Turn left into a pull off where you will see a sign for “Quarry Pool”. From the pull-off, follow the well-worn trail 0.05 miles to the river then upstream for another 0.05 miles until you reach the falls.

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