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New York State Waterfall Map (Temporary)

You may have noticed that our New York State waterfall map is a little different (OK, a lot different) at the moment. That’s because we are improving the map to be more user-friendly, and contain more useful information. This will be completed in a few week, so in the meantime, we put together a temporary New York State waterfall map that you can find below. Click each marker for the name and other information about that location. You will also […]

Finding the Waterfalls of New York State

Finding the Waterfalls of New York State! by Donna McCabe bookgirl911 on Instagram There’s a saying about making a trip you take being as much about the journey as it is about the destination.  I’ve really taken that to heart since my son is now in college in Andover, Massachusetts while I live in northern Niagara County in Western New York – think Niagara Falls area – with my husband and our other two sons.  We find ourselves traveling across […]


New York State Waterfall Map v3.6 BETA

The Dig The Falls Waterfall Survey has been upgraded… And you are the first to know about it (if you happen to be up past midnight, that is)! Dig The Falls is proud to release our first BETA version map that has so many significant changes it deserved its very own version number, plus a bump in dot releases. With the public-facing map sporting over 2,500 individual waterfall locations, we see it fair to say we have the most comprehensive […]


NYS Falls 2016: deprecated… NYS Falls 2017: Upgraded…

New York State Waterfalls 2018: Mind Blown!!! I (Edward M. Smathers… or just plain Ed 🙂 … Talking here) believe we made a mistake and did not update our user base on how phenomenal of a year 2017 was for us. Before I get too far off track, I wanted to update everyone on the finer points of what has been happening with Dig The Falls. Read all the way through: I promise it’s great information. We made huge strides in […]

Questionable New York Waterfall Locations Simplified

Questionable New York Waterfall Locations Simplified So, what is with all the ?-Marks… The question has come up recently as to why we have locations markers that don’t seem to be associated with a waterfall-feature, or even near a body of water. The orange “?” icon is very readily seen on the maps and it is an eyesore… “…we leave no stone unturned when looking for great locations…” Well, this is for good reason. Those locations are locations that we […]

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