What is going on with the World and Waterfalls?

How many folks out there has starting their road trips and waterfalls? Any new adventures to share? So many places, so many destinations, and so many adventures! I see the whitewater folks heading into full action.

One of my Favorite photos from the Moose River

Agers Falls 10-17-2015_00004
Agers Falls 10-17-2015_00004










So whats been going on with Bobbie and Bobbieswaterfalls? Whats been going on with Digthefalls and the New York State Waterfall Collation? We have been down right busy working behind the scenes. Getting waterfall locations and information updated and available to the public. Our Team members are already out there hitting the roads for this new season. I soon hope to be getting out there myself.

Please continue to check back often, as I continue with my work on the revamp of the website. I have updated several counties, and several more to go. New pages are also being done on Digthefalls, be sure to check out the new features offered there as well.

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Have a great weekend!

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