Willow Island Park – Rushton Falls and Cascade Falls – Canton


Willow Island Park – Including Rushton Falls and Cascade Falls.

Rushton Falls and Cascade Falls are cascades that run on either side of Falls Island (Canton Town Park/Willow Island park), which can be easily viewed from the Grasse River Heritage Trail. While the name implies that these are a set of falls, they are technically not, due to their not being enough of a drop in elevation over a certain length of the river. None the less, the park is very beautiful!

“Located on Coakley Island and Falls Island in downtown Canton, this park includes interpretive signs detailing the history of the Grasse River. The trail begins at the historic King Iron Bowstring Bridge, which was originally built in the 1870s and fully restored in 2007. This bridge connects Coakley Island to the 4.4 acre Falls Island, which was the heart of the manufacturing district in 19th century Canton.

Approximately 19 miles of the Grasse River is located in the Town and Village of Canton.” – Canton New York Parking is on the island, which can be accessed from the Main St. bridge that passes over the river only 100 yards from the cascades. The park houses a nice set of trails that are easily navigated, but if more information is needed, there is a nice bulletin board full of local information at the trail’s entrance.

Although it is implied that the park is open year-round, the trails are not maintained during the winter.

This is a great spot to stop at while visiting other waterfalls or attractions in the area.

Closest Geolocated Address: 4 W Main St, Canton, NY 13617, USA
Location Lat/Long: 44.595783

Willow Island Park – Rushton Falls and Cascade Falls – Canton

4 W Main St, Canton, NY 13617, USA

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