Millbrook Falls Winter

By John Haywood

Although the majority of people like to admire waterfalls in the warmth of Spring or Summer, and the crisp air of Fall, there are those that like to head out in any weather to see a waterfall.

Just because a waterfall is frozen doesn’t mean it’s not something that can be enjoyed. Ice formations, spurts of water flowing through icy openings , and surrounding snow-capped scenery combine to offer a unique vernal experience.

If you’re a fan of frozen falls, New York is the place to be. A high concentration of falls in the Adirondacks, the Finger Lakes region, and out to the Buffalo-Niagara area, will keep the die-hard waterfall-lover busy.

If you’re a fan of frozen falls, New York is the place to be.

While it’s fun to go out to find waterfalls in Winter, it is important to remember to be safe while doing so. Proper footwear alone can be the difference between a great day out and about or a trip to the hospital.

A recent article on the Visit Adirondacks website titled “Winter Hiking Preparedness”, talks about winter hiking readiness and how to be safe while on the trails. While most reading this may not be hearty Winter hikers, the safety and preparedness message should be taken to heart.

Wearing micro-spikes or trail crampons when walking on icy surfaces will give much-needed traction and will prevent falls. Using a trekking pole will offer stability on uneven ground. Most important, proper clothing will keep you dry and comfortable so you’ll be able to enjoy the experience.

With so many waterfalls across the state and a waterfall map from Dig The Falls, it’s impossible not to find a favorite. Grab your camera, you’re hiking gear, and head on out there!

Always remember, no photo or selfie is worth your life! You can’t be a social media star if you’re dead.

Following are some of our favorite waterfalls we’ve been fortunate enough to visit in Winter.

Split Rock Winter1. Split Rock Falls

This spot is wildly popular in the warmer Summer months, but gets little attention in the Winter.




Beaver Meadow Falls Winter


  1. Beaver Meadow Falls

This popular waterfall is a stop for many hikers on their way to conquer the High Peaks in the Great Range.




Dover Stone Church Winter3. Dover Stone Church

This fascinating waterfall flows through a crevice formed in a wall of rock.




Ausable Chasm Winter4. Rainbow Falls at Ausable Chasm

At the head of this “Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks is Rainbow Falls. The largest of the Adirondack waterfalls does freeze over during Winter months and creates quite a sight.




Millbrook Falls Winter5. Millbrook Falls

This picturesque cascade in Hague is only made better by the snow and ice that Winter brings.





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