New York State Waterfalls need your help, and we want to give you an easy way to be the hero!

Dig The Falls is looking for Channel Partners to team with! For the first tier, we will be looking for fellow volunteer organizations, and like-minded outdoors people and organizations, to become Channel Partners. We will also be looking for local businesses for the second tier of Channel Partnership. The spots will be fully vetted and first come first serve. Completely free to early adopters, this will be something that drives traffic for us all. More importantly, it will aid in our educating people on the waterfalls of the state and the local businesses that support the areas surrounding them!

What is a Channel Partner? Well, one way to think of it is; we would be good friends with mutual goals and ideals that we would like to share with more people. By becoming “partners” we can reach even more people by combining our networking powers. Reciprocal links, educating each other about our businesses, and spreading the word for each other are all part of this process. In the future, simple coupon codes or discounts for people who mention any of us would be another advantage for us all!

Volunteers and Organizations

Dig The Falls networks a lot. We have a number of projects on hold, waiting for the needed manpower to take action. For those volunteer organizations and like-minded individuals, we can forward these opportunities on to you. We will blog any activities performed and attribute all of the hard work to you or your organization. In return, for example, you could post a blog thanking us for working with you on the project (we love helping out as much as we can!).

Small Businesses

For small businesses, it’s all about spreading the love. We LOVE small businesses and want to give a good shout-out to them for anyone planning to visit your area. If you become a Channel Partner we will be sure to post your information up on waterfall locations that are near you. This way, while people are venturing to a location they can visit you. If you have a website, we would love a shout out as well. If not, it’s always great for you to spread the word any way you can 🙂

Adopt A Waterfall

This is where it gets really fun! We are in the process of setting up a program to allow an individual, group of people, or businesses, adopt a waterfall of their choosing. This is a little more involved because it requires you to become a steward of that location for as long as you choose to adopt (which we hope would be forever 🙂 ). Visiting the location two to three times a year, minimum, to pick up trash and just spread good vibes is the requirement, but you can take it as far as your location needs.

The best part is, we will blog the status of the location when you visit. You would send us an update and any other information you want to be included and we would create the blog and credit you or your organization for such an awesome job well done!

Adoption of a location would mean only you or the business you own would be tied to the location. No other person or local businesses would be mentioned for that location. For this to work, we would collect a small fee in order for Dig The Falls to contact local authorities and/or parks officials to give the required permissions and waivers for the adoption to be official. These opportunities will be limited, at first.

As I mentioned, the early partnership is free and will remain that way for a finite period of time. Depending on how fast interest builds, we will eventually ask a modest fee to newer members due to the rise in the cost of the program.

Partnering will be something that will grow significantly as time goes on. With over 3,000 waterfalls in the state, we will not be able to do this without your help. If you like volunteering, or if you are part of/know of a volunteer organization that this opportunity would fit, please contact us! – I am Edward M. Smathers, founder of Dig The Falls. I look forward to hearing from you!

We are presently in the design process of our Channel Partner pages. Once we publish, you will be able to see the great people and companies that have chosen to be early partners. We hope you will join that list!

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