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Waterfallers Remorse: the sense of regret after having visited a waterfall, associated with the lack of a camera and/or video recording device proving your visit was one of success.

Waterfallers Remorse is not curable, although it can be dealt with through learned behaviors over time, including, but not limited to, enjoying the visit without electronic devices, paying attention to your surrounding and counting how many red leaves you find on the trail. If you or someone you know suffer from Waterfallers Remorse, you have the power to help. Dig The Falls and the New York State Waterfall Coalition can be referenced in many cases and offer free content for your viewing enjoyment.

“…but did you stop to take down the information…”

During any given visit to a waterfall,  there are a million and one opportunities to look at your watch, at your phone, at the guide you are using, and maybe your GPS, but did you stop to take down the information about the waterfall you just visited? Do you even remember its name, how far you hiked to get there or even how difficult the trail was you were hiking on? The easy answer: we hope not!

Here is how you enjoy your hike and the visit to the waterfall while defending against Waterfallers Remorse:

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  • Show up…
  • …Show up…
  • …Show up!


 What? You thought there was more to it? Enlighten us with your comments below 🙂

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  1. To only go back to those days and times!! Take your time, enjoy the views and surroundings. Relax and simply sit and listen to the falling water! Now it is tracking, recording, documenting and verifying. But, without this information, how can we forward the knowledge of “Waterfalls”, to share with our readers??

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