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Most would find it troubling to add three decades to almost anything. But experience?

Dig The Falls  has been fortunate to have grown acquainted and networked with some of the finest individuals in the waterfall niche. From specialists like Scott A. Ensminger of The Western New York Waterfall Survey, to the extremes of Dean Goss of World Of Waterfalls and Waterfalls of the Northeastern United States and many others in between. The years have been very kind to bring so many wonderful people into our community.

Many already know of Bobbies Waterfalls, but fewer may know of how much Bobbie has added to the Dig The Falls database and community the past almost 8 years. Bobbie has over 30 years experience waterfalling. Visiting hundreds of locations in the state, while collecting data on thousands of other locations, she has been a mainstay in the waterfalling community for many years.

It goes without saying that the niche needs to preserve the works of individuals like Bobbie, who spent decades of her life in search of these beautiful natural creations. We have been working with Bobbie for a several years and she has become a integral part of the Dig The Falls team. When the issue came up of data preservation, archiving her research and photos, it was a honor for our team to accept the responsibility.

This will build onto the growing Dig The Falls platform, while maintaining the integrity of Bobbie’s previous blog posts. We will integrate her blog posts, she will continue to interact with her community and also blog more! She will have less to deal with from a website perspective and will be able to focus on updating our combined survey of waterfalls and the locations we display to the public. Dig The Falls welcomes Bobbies Waterfalls community members to join ours, sign up for our newsletter and get to know the team!

Should anyone have questions or concerns, please reach out to Bobbie, or myself. I am Edward Smathers, found and team member of Dig The Falls: info@digthefalls.com

Keep an eye out for new features, information and more!!

Happy Waterfalling!

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Site administrator and lover of all things waterfalls, outdoors and nature.

Principle photographer for Waterfalls of New York State and overall "nice guy".

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