Swans Falls, Lewis County, New York

Waterfall Wednesday Clickety Click Sept. 30, 2020

Waterfall Wednesday has been an ongoing tradition for so many years now. The normal routine is posting a photo of a waterfall, with a small blurb.

I have been thinking! What can I do that is different? How can I make it engaging? How can I make it fun?

What did I come up with? Hmm, “Clickety Click

Simple, click on the links below to see the Waterfall locations

Where was I in the month of September? click here

What Waterfall starts with the letter “S”? click here

What County starts with the letter “S”? click here

Did you clickety click on all the “Clicks“?


Now that you have clicked around, drop a note and let me know if I should do this again!

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